About Us

Our Process

Eye for quality, engaging, reduce stress

We approach every project with a passion for the details ensuring that your project has the highest quality established from conception. By emphasising careful planning before design, we strive to bring out the best possible website experience for your audience. We’ve honed our process over the years, whittling a massive undertaking down to straightforward steps that allow your team to deliver the right feedback at the right time.

We’re here to build a custom website that works for you right now, and can easily grow with your business as you require it.

Our Roots

With a decade of Quality Assurance experience dealing with systems from simple web stores to industry giants such as Amazon.com, we wanted to take that experience and provide quality for all of our clients. 

In 2016, after relocating to Vancouver from Ireland, we began establishing our new business attracting customers from around the world. Our mission critical thinking is that your customer experience comes first, and we work from there. 

Our model is quite simple, if it stresses you out, we want to help remove this factor from your design, and make it as friendly and easy going for the client. 

Our team is focused on your needs, building a lifelong rapport with you to guarantee your success. 

What to expect when working with us?

First Meeting


Our first engagement whether it is by email, a phone call or in person we will establish what you require


Defining your goals

After our initial meeting, we will work with you to define your goals and iterate what your target should be. 


Designing your solution

We will create a mockup of what we’re thinking is the ideal solution for you. This is will lead to a timeline, and establishing a budget. 


Building your dream website

Once you have signed off on the prototypes, we will develop your dream website. From here, we can go through each page and polish off anything that you’re not happy with. 

Testing & Releasing


We will test your sites workflows and functionalities to ensure that we have the best solution for you. Once you’re happy we will release. 

Release Day

Release & Cake

We will release your design into production, and ensure that everything is working as expected. Once we’re happy that the launch has succeeded we will celebrate with cake! 

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Partner with Us

Since 2016, the Jamie Sheehan Web Design and Development team has been creating custom sites and managing tricky integrations. We’re content management experts and work closely with web strategists and project managers to create your perfect site.